Itron Engage extends the reach of Itron’s solutions by empowering trusted, 拥有工具的熟练合作伙伴, 培训和技术来发展他们的业务并交付成果.


Our expert partners are highly skilled and provide Itron's industry leading solutions. 自己去发现每个伴侣能提供什么.



我们不能单独行动. It takes the dedication of all of us — and that’s why Itron Engage is critical to our shared success. Itron Engage强调简化和标准化, 以及对人的持续投资, relationships and infrastructure required to support you and our channel partner community.


Itron Engage is a global program with increasing benefits designed to recognize your efforts to expand your expertise across the Itron portfolio. 通过持续的培训, 发展, 认证和支持, we enable you to differentiate and grow your business by leveraging the strength of the Itron portfolio, 品牌及领导地位.

  • 开发

    We are focused on developing your skills and knowledge of the solutions across the Itron portfolio, positioning you as an expert—and helping you build a stronger brand — with continuous training and 发展 opportunities.

  • 成长

    通过协同业务规划, we are here to support your business strategies and help you build better practices and processes, enabling you to predictably grow your revenue and increase profitability.

  • 变换

    你的客户的业务正在发生变化. Their needs are evolving, and their operations are becoming increasingly complex. 灵活的培训,以适应您的业务需求, we can help you position the right portfolio and deliver smart solutions with the capability and agility customers demand.

  • 简化

    我们正在用Itron简化您旅程的方方面面. Our world class partner portal provides you with comprehensive insight into your business with Itron. From e-Learning to co-branding and lead generation, we make it easy to do business with us.


Interested in learning more about the Itron Engage 销售 渠道合作伙伴计划? 请查看我们的节目指南了解更多信息.

  • 山州

    Serving Colorado, Wyoming, New 墨西哥, Arizona, Washington, Oregon, Northern Idaho and Montana

  • 核心 & Main

    核心 & Main was established in 2017, built on the foundation of more than 87 legacy companies. 我们是水的主要分销商, 下水道, 雨水管和消防产品在美国. 在全国经营超过275家分支机构, we combine local expertise with a national supply chain to provide contractors and municipalities innovative solutions for new construction and aging infrastructure. 核心 & 主要的3,500 plus associates are committed to the safe distribution of water and fire protection to help communities thrive

  • 麦卡沃伊 & 马卡姆工程 & 销售

    麦卡沃伊 & 马卡姆工程 & 销售有限公司. 自1981年以来一直在为公用事业服务. We are a value added reseller of Itron products for Itron software and hardware products and solutions. We specialize in Application 支持 and Professional Services for Electric, 水, 以及南加州和南内华达州的天然气计量. We have successfully helped utilities to implement Walk-By, Drive-By, AMR, and AMI solutions. We also represent manufacturers of many complementary products such as cabinets, 测试开关, 适配器, 盖子, 安全设备, and calibration equipment to ensure that your metering happens accurately, 始终如一地, 在预算范围内.

  • EGW公用事业

    EGW, 这是一家总部位于卡罗尔顿的注重bet9九州体育首页登录的公司, TX, 以多种方式为天然气行业提供服务. The firm was founded in 2001 as a manufacturers’ rep agency and distributor representing some of the finest manufacturers in the natural gas business. Our Utility Solutions Group offers a diverse line of gas distribution equipment, 材料, and tools needed for the construction and maintenance of underground gas utility systems and projects. 随着行业的发展,需要bet9九州体育首页登录, EGW为此增加了一个维修设施, 合规和培训小组, and a field services group to better serve our utility partners and contractors. Our company’s purpose is to Solve Problems, Make Connections and Serve Others.

  • Dutton-Lainson公司

    The Dutton-Lainson公司 founded in 1886 has provided product and support to the electric and water utility markets in the Midwest for over 8 decades. We have been an Itron distributor for over 25 years and now serve the central corridor of the 美国 for the Itron metering product lines. 我们的领地包括蒙大拿州东部,北部 & 南达科他州,内布拉斯加州和堪萨斯州. Customers have come to rely on us for our vast experience and dedicated service before, 在销售期间和之后. Our experience includes trouble shooting electric and water meter installations, 为AMR/AMI仪表系统提供支持, 支持项目监督. 我们是“可靠的”

  • 边境州

    边境州 was established in 1952 in North Dakota and has grown into a company with 3,200 employee-owners in 29 states and is now ranked as the 6th largest independent electrical distributor in the USA by Electrical Wholesaling. We supply products, services and solutions to construction, industrial and utility customers. As an Itron Partner we serve the utility market in the states shown to the right, 但我们的能力遍及全国. Our Technical Solutions team goes the extra mile for you by asking the right questions, 密切倾听并根据您的业务目标定制bet9九州体育首页登录. 我们随时随地为您提供所需的产品, 我们的服务和bet9九州体育首页登录帮助您实现您的目标.